PTSO Volunteer Officer and Chair Descriptions

Officer and Committee Chair Descriptions

The PTSO Executive Board is comprised of elected officers and members-at-large.  It meets one evening per month to conduct PTSO business.  Any parent, teacher, or student may attend.

Elected Officers

President – Serve as leader and key contact for the PTSO; preside at all PTSO meetings; appoint chairpersons for special committees; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTSO’s objectives can be met. (Effort: year-round, on-going)

Vice President - Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board. Coordinate volunteers for PTSO events and school activities.  Collect list of general volunteers at beginning of year and for special events.  Assure that volunteer data is recorded and available to both the Board and teachers. Work with teachers, staff, and leaders of committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs & events. Coordinate the general activities of  the Event Committees created by the Executive Board.  Ideally is willing to serve as President in the future. (Effort: year-round, time varies depending upon roles)

Recording Secretary - Keep the minutes of all general meetings and all meeting of the Executive Board; prepare correspondence and perform all other duties assigned; maintain master documents on Google Drive and PTSO laptop computer as appropriate;  help recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant standing committees of the board;  (Effort: 1-2 hours per month, includes attending meeting and typing up minutes)

Communications Secretary – Maintain PTSO website; write & distribute monthly newsletter; help develop marketing materials for events and fundraising solicitations as needed; keep the calendar of events for the PTSO. (Effort: 2-3 hours per month, includes attending meeting)

Treasurer - Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; input all financial and budget data into QuickBooks program; make deposits of funds immediately following events into appropriate bank accounts; make all reports and account information available, in a timely fashion, to the Executive Board when requested; make disbursements as properly authorized; be present at all PTSO events where money will be collected; provide cash boxes and cash floats for each fundraising event; assure that PTSO policies and  best practices are followed with regards to funds; prepare financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepare the books for an annual audit. (Effort: 4-5 hours per month, average)

Member-at-large (3) - Be versed on PTSO business and vote at monthly meetings.


Chairs and Other Positions

*Remember, these are COMMITTEES – there should be volunteers to help.*

 Back to School/End of School Events (this includes Kindergarten Round Up(May) and Kinder Orientation, School Ice Cream Social and Java & Jitters (Sep)) Chairperson/s  work with committee volunteers to help plan, advertise, purchase items for, and run these event. ( Effort:  Sep. 5 hours  May 5 Hours)

McLane Loves to Read-a-thon – usually happens in October with Kick-Off Event in September and awards given in November. Determine theme for each year and use and improve upon current processes that are being used.  Develop marketing materials, with assistance from Communications Secretary as needed, to promote this fundraising/educational activity.  Soliciting contributions or purchase from area businesses prizes for student participation;  thanking contributors in writing; determine winners and collect funds at end of event.  (Effort:  Usually planned and promoted in May/June for following school year.  1-2 hours per month.  More time needed in October for collection and distribution of awards.)

100 Mile Club – coordinate supplies and volunteers for weekly 100 Mile Club lunch time walk/run/roll;  track our school’s total mileage throughout the year on a large map in the school hallway; develop & run end-of year challenge event for top participants. (Effort:  ongoing  throughout year, 2 hours per week)

Boxtops for Education -  Publicize Box Top and Soup Label programs, coordinate the collection and redemption of Box Tops and Soup Label Coupons, and plan and implement at least one contest per school year to encourage participation. Additional volunteers may be needed to help with the counting of box tops.  (Effort:  Minimal but ongoing throughout year.)

Hospitality – Coordinate any hospitality activities, including welcome program and documentation for new families and kindergarten families. Provide ongoing staff hospitality as approved by Executive Board. (Effort:  Minimal – spread throughout year.  1 hour a month.  A few more hours in September and May.)

Movie NightsCoordinate at least two movie nights, as scheduled with Executive Board.  Work with volunteers to pick appropriate movies and provide refreshments at the events. Promote events through take-home flyers and displays at school. Report outcomes from event at monthly PTSO meeting.  (Effort:  minimal except on night of event – expect 4 hours at school.)

Swim Sundays  Coordinate at least two family swims with Discover Aquatics.  Promote with take-home flyers and displays at school. Report outcomes from event at monthly PTSO meeting.   (Effort:  minimal.  Plan to attend event)

Theater ProgramThree Co-Chairs – a) Coordinating; b) Decorating  c) Volunteer Chair.  Work as a team to coordinate the annual theater program.  Coordinate with Tacoma Musical Theater to audition students; organize parents to supervise during rehearsals; develop and distribute promotional materials for rehearsals and performances; coordinate decoration of the school for the performances & classroom workshops; coordinate and run performances including ticket, t-shirt & DVD sales; produce programs for performances; provide concessions & flowers at performances;  work with class parents to provide raffle-baskets at performances; sell raffle tickets at performances.  (Effort: January – March with most effort being in the last month.  Expect 10 hours each (3 co-chairs) a month for January and February and more in March during performance/workshop week Time spent depends on how work is divided and how roles assigned.)

Funapalooza & Auction– Two Chairs – a) Funapalooza b) Auction.  Coordinate the PTSO’s annual spring family event.  Typically includes games & activities for kids, silent auction, concession sales, and performers. Usually held in April or May.  Significant planning begins by December.  Involves a large committee with project leaders for various areas.  Carnival chairperson/s are responsible for planning & acquiring all games , activities and concession; set-up and take down of the event, coordinating with Auction Chair. Auction chairperson/s are responsible for soliciting contributions from school families and area businesses determining checkout process;  thanking contributors in writing; displaying items in a family friendly format for bidding . The highest bidders are awarded the items upon payment. Volunteers are utilized to monitor items during the bidding process, assist families in the checkout process and help with setup and tear-down the day of the event. Attendance at board meetings is also expected for both chairs. (Effort: is substantial, especially the 6 weeks prior to the event.  Time spent depends on how work is divided and how roles assigned.)

Staff Appreciation Organize monthly appreciation activities and coordinate daily recognition for staff Appreciation Week in May.  Generally, each month is rotated so that a specific grade hosts the activity ( coffee, lunch, dessert, treat, small gift, etc.)  Works closely with Hospitality and Class Parents. (Effort: 2-4 hours per month, more in May depending on what activities planned.)

Spirit wear- Coordinate the selection, design, ordering, inventory, and sales of school T-shirts and any related products.  (Effort: varies. Peak sales in August/September.  New design in late Spring/Summer).

Field Day - Field Day is an afternoon event held on a Friday in early June. The day consists of fun outdoor activities such as team relays, collaboration games, and an obstacle course for all the students to participate in. Coordinate with the school staff to plan the day’s events and ensure the day runs smoothly.  Coordinate both parent volunteers to help run the event as well as assist the room parents with individual classrooms as needed. This is a great way to wrap up the school year, and in the past, both the students and the parents have had a lot of FUN!! (Effort:1-2 hours to organize volunteers the week prior to the event and another 4 hours on the day of the event)